The Great Giddyup  (cover)
The Great Giddyup  (insert)
Duel (cover)

The Satin Cowboy
& the Seven Deadly Sins

A culmination of themes explored by award-winning composer Silas Hite over the course of the mid to late 2000's, Satin Cowboy is heavily rooted in classic Americana folk rock sounds of the Southwest, reminiscent of Tom Petty, Calexico, Dave Grohl, and Jack White .

To capture the mood of the first album, I created illustrations that inspired escapes to the sun-soaked dreams of an old idyllic Southwest. It is a world wild and musical, like that of the cowboy singers from the early days of radio and television, but with an added hint of mortality to temper the dream.

In the second and third albums, I created work that reflected the deeper complexities inherent in the music. Where the first album leaned toward celebrating dreams of the Southwest, the subsequent albums explored more personal relationships, love, and loss.



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