Rockin' Android

Founded in the niche of indie PC games from Japan, Rockin' Android, became a strong voice for the scene in Los Angeles in 2008, localizing and publishing "doujin" games for the US market. It is run by Enrique Galvez, former owner of asian DVD retailer, Cine-East, and continues to explore the wide variety of challenging, frenetic and stunning gameplay the genre is known for.

As Lead Designer, I created the logo for the company, developing a clean aesthetic that was reminiscent of old arcade games. I designed  banners, postcards, advertisements and packaging for the games Rockin' Android published, using original character artwork created by the developers themselves*. I was also responsible for website visuals, web banners and a newsletter that went out once a week.

*Character artwork and game designs by Orange_JuiceShindenken and PlatineDispositif